Hasbro to ramp up female characters in Rogue One toy line

Hasbro’s upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toy line will feature more female characters, reflecting the diversity of the new slate of films.

The firm has suggested that having learned from the backlash it received following the lack of toys based on The Force Awakens’ female lead, Rey, it has ramped up its efforts in delivering to fans this September.

In an interview with Forbes, Hasbro indicated that it had stepped up its efforts in producing more female characters in order to reflect the growing diversity of lead characters in Disney’s Star Wars film franchise.

The popularity of Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Rey took both toymakers and retailers by surprise following the launch of the toy line in September last year.

“We got her out there and she was quickly snatched up so getting her replenished was a challenge,” said Hasbro’s Star Wars marketing director, Joe Ninivaggi.

“We are doing better with that. In general, we’ve been trying to do more female characters as well. We have Sabine, we have Hera, we have Captain Phasma, Rey, Leia.”

Much of the issue surrounding the availability of Rey toys was down to spoilers, forcing the toy company to hold back the release of its Rey line up in line with the secrecy of her importance to the Star Wars story.

And while the previous wave of toys was noted for its absence of Luke Skywalker and arch-villain Snoke, Hasbro has assured fans that these too will be arriving in ‘multiple scales.’

Hasbro’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toys are set to launch nationwide on September 30th, lead by a big ticket item for Christmas 2016 – a new smartphone controlled AT-ACT walker featuring sound effects and a dart blaster as well as a line up of three action figures.

More details will be unveiled in the lead up to this year’s Force Friday, scheduled for September 30th. 

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