German toy designer ‘reinvents Rubik’s Cube’ in new Fritzo puzzle

Reinventing the wheel is often ill-advised but when it comes to cubes, particularly the Rubik’s Cube, one inventor has thrown caution to the wind.

German author and toy designer, Fritz Gruber has developed what he believes to be a 21st Century reinterpretation of the blockbuster cube puzzle game of 40 years ago.

Fritzo was launched to Kickstarter earlier this month with the aim of securing €25,000 in order to take it to the next stage of development.

A game that can be played either solo or in a group, Fritzo boasts a number of gaming systems each involving solving puzzles to align the colours of the cube.

The puzzle however is multi-layered, challenging players to co-ordinate colours on each side of the smaller cubes in order to build a larger cube with colour-co-ordinated faces.

Luckily Gruber’s Kickstarter project comes with a video explaining the intricacies of the rules. Check it out below or click here to visit Gruber’s Kickstarter page.

The game has secured €116 to date with 42 days still remaining on the Crowdfunding site.

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