The firm was named by Entrepreneurial Scotland as 2015's Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

Cheeky Chompers set to more than double its turnover this year

Cheeky Chompers is set to more than double its company turnover this year.

The company, which is best known for its chewable baby teething bib The Neckerchew, was named by Entrepreneurial Scotland as 2015’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year and it has since enjoyed significant growth in the US market and expansion into the Chinese market.

“Winning Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year came at a crucial time in our company’s development," said Julie Wilson, co-founder, Cheeky Chompers.

"It was a real recognition of all the hard work and effort we put in and gave us a confidence boost early on in our company’s growth. A lot has happened as a result. Even on the night of the award ceremony we met people who expressed a keen interest in getting to know more about our business and offering their services to help us.”

Richard Slater, partner and head of entrepreneurial business for Deloitte in Scotland, added: “We recognise how vital entrepreneurial businesses are for the Scottish economy and saw real potential in Cheeky Chompers. At the initial judging and evaluation stages last year, the company displayed huge drive and determination, which was inspiring.

“They took a common problem faced by parents and solved it with their product – a perfect starting point for success in enterprise. Since then, the company has grown at a rapid pace, which has been satisfying to watch."

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