European Rubik’s Cube Championship crowns new puzzle king

A fast-fingered German has trounced competition from across the continent to become the new European Rubik’s Cube Champion.

Philipp Weyer took the crown for the 3×3 cube title with his average solve time of a snooze-and-you-miss-it 7.88 seconds at the European tournament held in Prague’s Radotin sports hall on Sunday, July 18th.

Weyer’s efforts earned him not only the gold medal but also a range of Rubik’s prizes and a cash prize of €1,000.

However, the accolade of the fastest single solve of the competition does not belong to Weyer, but Mats Valk of the Netherlands who managed to complete the puzzle in a smoking 5.13 seconds.

And if you’re thinking that no European Championship would be complete without the obligatory cataclysmic English performance it’s in a turn of events that England’s Robert Yau took silver in the 5×5 category, followed by Scotland’s Breandan Vallance who scooped a bronze.

Meanwhile, it was Australia’s two-time world Champion Feliks Zemdegs who achieved the fastest average solve time in the 3×3 category of the day.

However, Zemdegs’ average solve time of 7.07 seconds was not scored as the fingersmith was not eligible to win the European Championship.

It was a sockless Jakub Kipa of Poland who trampled the competition in the feet-only competition with an average solve time of 33.66 seconds, while Oleg Gritsenko of Russia wowed audiences by memorizing and solving 19 out of 20 cubes while blindfolded in a time of 54 minutes and 34 seconds.

The event marked the seventh European Rubik’s Cube Championship to date and saw a total of 525 people from 43 countries compete for the title.

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