Nintendo shares surge 53 per cent following Pokémon Go success

Shares in toy and videogame studio Nintendo have surged 53 per cent thanks to the early global success of the new AR game, Pokémon Go.

A recent swell in investment in the Japanese firm has added £7bn to the company’s worth just three days since the gaming app that sees players explore their surroundings to catch ‘em all was launched.

Pokémon Go is the first edition of the game for mobile phones and lets players catch a cast of Pokémon characters using their smartphone cameras.

Nintendo’s shares rose 12.8 per cent to 22,860 Yen in Tokyo on Tuesday, taking total gains in the past three days to 53 per cent, adding £7bn to the company’s market value.

According to The Guardian, while Nintendo is only indirectly involved with the game, it owns 33 per cent of the Pokémon company, owners of the Pokémon brand and developer of its main game series.

Pokémon Go is so far available in Australia, New Zealand and the US where it has become the top free app.

Globally, the app has been downloaded more than five million times on Android, overtaking the dating service app Tinder for active users.

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