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'It is often thought that the essence of creativity requires us to be awake, alert and present, to enable us to deliberate on a particular problem or theory. But, intelligent thought and intuition does not always need our conscious attention.'

Diane Simpson-Little to explore alternative approaches to creativity at Inventors Workshop 2016

Artist, designer and creative educator Diane Simpson-Little is presenting a talk at this year’s Inventors Workshop looking at how meditation and structured day-dreaming can boost creativity.

Simpson-Little is an artist, designer and creative educator, currently the head of the product design degrees at the University of Sussex. Her present research is practice based and involves investigation into contemplative pedagogy to enhance creativity, attention and effectiveness.

She is also a highly sort after consultant in the toy and game industry, providing workshops and speaking engagements. Students she has mentored have gone on to high profile industry positions and have also won a variety of awards across product design and toy and game design.

"My presentation is about my practice-based research," said Simpson-Little. "This involves alternative creative approaches to design thinking, which integrates visualisation, imagination and mindfulness as material for design.

"I will explain how this has been used in the toy and game design module that I teach at the University of Sussex, where it has not only resulted in gaining unexpected empathic insights that aid in the design process but also how it can enable an understanding of situations beyond the designer’s own experiences. My session is also about the huge benefits to all, of industry/university collaboration." 

This year’s Inventors Workshop will be at held at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton on Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. The event is set to bring together leading inventors, distributors, retailers, investors and design students, all of whom are looking to discover new ideas, make new connections and stay at the forefront of innovation in toys.

To book tickets to this year’s event, click here. For sponsorship opportunities, and to be pitched to by inventors at the Workshop, email SFreeman@nbmedia.com or BNormile@nbmedia.com.

For general information on the event, email BLangsworthy@nbmedia.com or call 01992 515305.

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