Board games raise six times more money than video games on Kickstarter

Tabletop games are outpacing video games on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, having raised six times the amount of money over the last six months.

The latest figures to have been released in a summary from the UK-based ICO Partners indicate that the board gaming category is now on track for a record year on Kickstarter.

Data reveals that while lower-tier video game campaigns are still thriving on the site, upper-tier campaigns have taken a dip leading to a decline in numbers for the sector.

Meanwhile, according to Polygon board game projects are hitting an all time high both for money raised and volume of successful projects.

The category is now outpacing the video game sector four to one in number of projects funded.

This year’s most successful board game campaign to date has been the board game adaptation of the video game franchise Dark Souls, a project created by Steamforged Games that took more than $5.4 million in pledges.

The campaign now ranks as number 13 among the most-funded projects ever on Kickstarter, while Exploding Kittens ranks at number six.

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