Listen to the second ToyNews Inventors Podcast now

Billy Langsworthy and Robert Hutchins return for round two of the (relatively) new Inventors Podcast, reaching out to the toy and game inventor community.

This month, ToyNews is joined by Matt Leacock, the creator of the smash hit tabletop game Pandemic, and Patrick Levy Rosenthal, the CEO of the artificial intelligence firm EmoShape.

We talk to Leacock about how he started out in the game design, how he has built a universe around the Pandemic brand and the importance of paying inventors their dues by putting their name on the box.

Meanwhile, Rosenthal takes us on a journey to a sci-fi landscape of AI capable of feeling and expressions emotions. He explains why the tech, despite sounding a bit like something from a sci-fi movie, is closer than you may think.

On top of this, and in a new monthly segment, the Inventors Podcast pays homage to a That’s Bananas inventor, a man worthy of the title for his dedication to creating some very outlandish gadgets.

Listen to the Inventors Podcast below to find out the who, what and why of it all.

You can listen to the episode below, or download it for later. This episode will be landing on iTunes and YouTube later too.

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