Google launches own initiative to teach kids coding through toys with Project Bloks

Google has joined the latest swathe of firms making headway in the fight to teach kids the basic of coding with the launch of its very own toy system.

Called Project Bloks, the system of toy blocks encourages kids to make connections in order to control other toys, such as make a robot draw lines on paper, through the fundamentals of coding.

‘Project Bloks is basic coding put into a playful, physical form,’ suggests Pocket-Lint of the toy system that can take on different form factors and can be made out of varying materials.

‘Its entire purpose is to help kids develop computational thinking and learn basic coding skills.’

Google has released two videos to explain Project Bloks and how it works – namely, with the use of three components: Puck, Base Board and Brain Board that when connected can instruct other connected devices.

The initiative created by the computer tech firm is still in development and is the result of a major collaboration between Research at Google, Google Creative Lab, the design firm Idea and researchers from Stanford and Chiang Mai University.

Google is now looking to encourage toymakers to get on board with its open source technology in order to develop the ideas further and take it to market as a range of toys.

Check out the videos of Project Bloks in action below:

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