Top Gear Turbo Attax trading cards speed back into toy shops

The popular Top Gear Turbo Attax trading card game is making its return to toy shops across the UK this week.

Following the relaunch of the BBC TV show, fans and young petrol heads will be able to collect over 200 different cards under the popular Topps collection, featuring some of the leading car brands from across the world.

The new range will be available to kids and fans from June 23rd.

Rod Pearson, marketing director for Topps, said: “It is incredibly exciting for us to announce the highly awaited return of the Top Gear Turbo Attax trading card game. With the iconic show undergoing such a massive re-launch, this is an exciting time for us to develop an even greater and newer version of this popular trading game.

“As well as collecting, swapping and trading the collectible cards, fans of the show will be able to recreate some of its iconic moments, share stats and facts for a wealth of incredible cars including the best cars of the modern era, vintage much-loved classics and new modified super cars. Turbo Attax is going to be bigger and better than ever before and petrol heads won’t want to miss out.”

Youngsters will be able to pick up a Starter Pack for £4.99, including a collector’s binder, guide, game mat and eight cards including gold limited edition cards. Individual packets of eight cards retail for £1.

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