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FamilyGamerTV gets hands-on with Infinite Arms

Having talked to the developers behind Infinite Arms I was keen to get hands-on with the game at E3. In an exclusive session I had a chance to try out the modular robot toys and iOS game and have to say I was roundly impressed.

The game uses large Transformer-style robots that can have weapons attached to their hands and back. Clipping on any of these attachments makes them appear in the game instantly. Each one offers different abilities and must be combined intelligently to ensure your robot is not over encumbered.

The toy robots connect to the game via Bluetooth without the need for an extra peripheral, and lend themselves more easily to physical play then figurines like Disney Infinity or Skylanders. Clipping on the different weapons also makes a lot of sense in terms of real world action.

On the screen you control your robot with touch controls through a campaign adventure of battles. As you progress you can earn points to spend and upgrade each of the weapons through a complex and compelling upgrade path.

Perhaps most interestingly from a toy perspective is the fats iteration the game intends for each of the weapons. By changing the line every few weeks, and it seems mainly selling online, the game can offer exclusive time-limited upgrades and also avoid the kind of over-stocking that caused some of the problems with Disney Infinity.

I look forward to seeing more of Infinite Arms in the coming weeks as it awaits a final date and pricing.

Check out Infinite Arms in action below: 

You can also check out Andy Roberston’s interview with the creators behind Infinite Arms here

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