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LEGO DUPLO celebrates Father’s Day with parenting survey

To celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, LEGO DUPLO has conducted a survey on what today’s dads see as a must-have skill.

According to the firm’s results, a third of dads revealed that reading bedtime stories was the most important thing they do with their toddlers.

92 per cent of young dads also stated that a lot of their skill set is different to their own dad when they were a child. For example, today’s dad doesn’t tune the TV, read a map or light a fire.

When asked what their favourite thing to do with the children was, nearly a quarter cited that taking children to the park was the best thing to do, closely followed by reading and building things out of LEGO DUPLO.

However, it was clear that some tasks were not to so popular with dads, with many revealing they disliked changing a nappy and breaking up arguments with siblings.

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