Toyish founder Assaf Eshet on the firm’s ever-changing toys for creative children

Can you talk us through Toyish, where did the idea come from?

I have been inventing toys and teaching toy design for the past ten years. Three years ago, I was invited to teach at a school in Harlem, New York as part of the CityArts programme. That marked the start of the Toyish journey.

Working with these kids on toys made from everyday objects and witnessing their level of creativity really inspired me. So I returned to my studio and decided to design a toy set that recreates that same feeling of accomplishment; where each child gets the chance to express their uniqueness.

How does Toyish work?

With art and building in mind, each Toyish kit is made up of four elements: a colouring play book, a clear capsule that houses the child’s original design, playful magnetic characters and themed play parts.

Playing with Toyish is fun and intuitive. There is no right or wrong way to play as it enables kids to figure out what they want to do, make it happen, and then play with their very own Toyish creation.

What makes Toyish an important tool for getting kids creative?

Toyish kits inspire kids aged three and upwards to be active creators rather than passive consumers. They are designed to stretch attention spans, boost artistic skills, promote logical thinking and develop self-confidence, all of which are considered to be key components in the STEAM curriculum.

How can toy retailers get on board with Toyish?

We welcome any retailer to contact us at

We have made sure that all of our toys are affordable and can be placed in smaller specialty stores as well as in bigger chains.

We’ll soon be adding more choices for kids, with more books, parts, accessories and cool things to enjoy, so stay tuned.

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