Kickstarter’s ‘most complained about game in history’ hits goal in 48 hours

A card game that has reportedly tested the faith of crowdfunding fans across the globe by pitting Father Christmas against Jesus has found success on Kickstarter.

Titled Santa vs. Jesus, the aim of the game is to choose a side and attempt to outdo the opposing team by acquiring as many believers as possible.

According to the game’s creators, Komo Games, the title has been the subject of much controversy among Kickstarter users and has reportedly faced ‘some of the worst complaints in the crowfunding site’s history.’

A press release from the firm highlighted just a few of the comments from those opposed to the game, including labeling the game ‘disgusting’.

Despite the controversy, Santa vs. Jesus was fully funded within days of the project going live, securing the £4,500 Kickstarter goal in 48 hours.

Designed by the London-based Komo Games, Santa vs. Jesus is billed as a tongue in cheek comedy game that takes a modern approach to the traditional Christmas gameplay.

David McGranghan, co-creator of the game told ToyNews: “For every one person who complains, we get three emails saying how much they love the artwork and the game.”

Santa vs. Jesus sees players divided into two camps, Team Santa and Team Jesus. The two sides must then complete a series of Christmas themed challenges, puzzles, riddles and brain teasers in order to win believers.

The team with the most believers by the end of the game wins.

With 21 days still to go on the crowdfunding site, the project has secured £5,521 from a total of 81 backers.

Check out the project by clicking here or watch the Kickstarter project’s controversial video below:

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