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Today’s toys-to-life is just ‘tip of the iceberg’ says Skylanders creator

Toys-to-Life games such as LEGO Dimensions and Nintendo Amiibo are ‘only scratching the surface’ of what the sector can deliver to fans and youngsters.

This is the flag being flown by Jeff Poffenbarger, a member of the team behind the hit franchise and title that gave life to the sector in 2011, Skylanders.

In an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat, senior executive producer at Skylanders’ developer, Toys for Bob, declared that “toys-to-life, as a concept, has a lot of legs.”

Despite the sector taking a knock last month with the shock closure of Disney’s own hand in the toys-to-life market, Disney Infinity, Poffenbarger has indicated a healthy future for the market.

“I think for something like toys-to-life, we are just scratching the surface, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of different directions it can go in,” he said.

The developer has hinted that while the sector currently focuses on younger audiences, the future of the technology may lie in more mature titles for older collectors and gamers.

The statement arrives as Activision, the firm behind the Skylanders franchise, celebrates the recent launch of its latest iteration of the toys-to-life line, Skylanders Imaginators, a concept that allows players to create their own in-game characters.

One of the big reveals for the game during the popular video game expo E3 is that the new title will welcome the return of the fan-favourite Crash Bandicoot from the PlayStation video game series.

Players will be able to use the character in the new game or create their own Skylanders hero to play in a new adventure.

“[The launch of Skylanders Imaginators] was a no-brainer for us to say ‘we want to give the portal masters, the players, the ability to create their own Skylanders’ because that’s what they want to do,” said Poffenbarger.

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