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Board game HOPE finds success on Kickstarter

A new board game known as HOPE has found success thanks to its Kickstarter project that smashed its target in under 48 hours.

After pledging for $25,000, the board game has so far reached a grand total of $32,673 on its Kickstarter campaign.

Designed as a save the world game, players must navigate their ship through the universe to terraform planets before the ‘dreadful regression wipes them out’.

Amaury Joubert, project manager of HOPE at Morning Family, said: "We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the campaign. Based on our forecasts, all of the stretch goals will be unlocked so that backers can get the very best version of the game we’d all imagined.

“The team has worked tirelessly on this rebooted version of HOPE and it comes as some relief and as a great reward to see that work recognised by the pledges. We’re delighted at all the comments and suggestions from backers too, this will help us further shape the game toward perfection.

“We’re also going to be letting our retail contacts know about a special pledge available to them, which we look forward to discussing further.”

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