Jakks Pacific embraces new retail audience with Warcraft toy line

Big screen video game adaptation Warcraft has helped master toy partner Jakks Pacific engage with a wealth of new retailers.

Since the launch of the line, the firm has secured listings with a large number of independent hobby and collectables retailers, opening Jakks up to a previously untapped avenue of clients who have seen the line perform particularly well with the legions of devoted World of Warcraft fans.

“We have had a lot of success with the line among a whole host of retailers we otherwise wouldn’t have found ourselves working with," ‘a Jakks Pacific spokesperson told ToyNews.

“These action figures and large scale figures have opened up a new audience of independent hobby specialists to us, and it has been great to see the success of them at retail.”

The firm was met with a buzz of excitement when it unveiled the line at Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual fan convention.

“The line is a bit more collector focused than our other toy lines,” Ken Goodisson, UK senior marketing manager at Jakks Pacific explained.

“This is due to the many devoted Warcraft fans who love the game and mythology of the Warcraft universe and who tend to like the higher details of these types of collectable toys. Fan reaction when we revealed the line at Blizzcon was overwhelmingly positive. These fans and fans of Warcraft in general are learning that Jakks creates great collectables for top licences like Warcraft.”

The firm has confirmed that new waves of toys and refreshes will continue to ship to feed the demand for the line that has seen solid early, coinciding with the global launch of the movie.

And following the success of the line with the audience of collectors, Jakks Pacific is hopeful that it has opened the door to new retailers with future launches and licensed product.

“We have been able to really offer something special to these smaller specialty retailers and begin to discuss additional opportunities with our licensed products,” concluded Goodisson.

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