Kickstarter reaches $500 million milestone in Games category pledges

Online crowdfundng site Kickstarter is celebrating a milestone achievement having recently seen its 500 millionth dollar pledged to its Games category.

Tabletop gaming titles lead the race by a country mile, making up $265 million of the half a billion dollars so far pledged to the category that includes video games ($186m) and other ($49m).

The milestone was reached at some point during the night of Wednesday, June 1st.

According to Kickstarter data, the $0.5bn secured in pledges has come from more than two million people who have helped successfully fund 8,000 games projects.

The strength of the tabletop and games category can be traced back to 2010, when a total of 758 backers pledged for the now iconic Cards Against Humanity title.

In 2013, 219,382 people pledged towards Exploding Kittens, making it the most backed Kickstarter project of all time, in any category.

Since then, titles such as Joking Hazard, Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained and Dark Souls the board game have found similar success on the crowdfunding site.

“Overall, more than two million people have backed Games projects on Kickstarter, successfully funding nearly 8,000 projects,” read a statement from the Kickstarter blog.

“More games backers sign up everyday and we are grateful to have a growing community that loves games and loves to show their support for the people who make them.

“Here’s to the next $500 million.”

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