Chewbacca Mask is this year’s Pie Face, claims Argos

Hasbro’s Chewbacca Mask has the potential to become this year’s Pie Face, according to the UK retail giant Argos.

Since the video footage of mother and video blogger Candace Payne wearing the popular mask went viral last month, Hasbro has seen the mask achieve sell-out success across the globe.

Spurred by the popularity of the video dubbed ‘Chewbacca Mom’, Argos has told ToyNews that the retailer has seen a ‘huge impact on sales’ on the mask and as well as across its wider Star Wars offering.

“In scenes reminiscent of when Pie face went viral last year, the Chewbacca Mom video and subsequent clip with James Corden and JJ Abrams has had a huge impact of sales of the Chewbacca Mask at Argos,” Linzi Walker, chief buyer at Argos, told ToyNews.

“In fact, we saw an immediate uplift in sales across our entire range of Star Wars toys as shoppers sought out alternative Chewie toys once the mask had sold out.

“We expect demand for Star Wars toys to remain strong throughout the year and this has certainly been helped along by the latest viral hit.”

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