Bandai set to re-enter girls’ market with Famosa dolls

After taking over the distribution rights for doll brand Famosa at the beginning of 2016, Bandai has revealed it wants to put itself on the map within the girls’ market.

“Bandai is predominantly known as a boys action supplier, but we would like to re-enter the girls’ market and we now have the perfect opportunity to do this,” Vicki Elmer, product manager at Bandai, explained.

As part of the distribution deal, Bandai will be marketing the Nenuco collection of scented dolls, including an interactive Newborn doll and Nenuco Makes Bubbles, as well as Nancy and Pinypon dolls.

“Famosa’s record in Spain and its strong performance within dolls proves we are joining forces with a company with great experience and expertise, which can only benefit Bandai,” Elmer continued. 

“Consistently a number one supplier, Famosa is recognised for its quality and we are very excited about working with them over the coming years.”

During the next few seasons, Bandai is planning controlled growth across the three brands.

“It’s an exciting time and we look forward to seeing these brands grow this year and beyond,” concluded Elmer.

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