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Storytelling toy that teaches emotional intelligence hits Kickstarter

A toy that promises to help eradicate toddler tantrums and teach emotional intelligence to youngsters has hit the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

Called Povi, the toy itself is a plush storytelling character that aims to help kids open up to parents and discuss their own emotions, while its accompanying app will connect adults to a network of child development specialists.

Developed by The Povi Team, the plush toy shares short stories based on everyday situations with its users and encourages young listeners and parents to then talk about the emotions dealt with in those stories.

“Emotional intelligence – the ability to manage emotions and social interactions – is one of the most important factors for our children’s happiness and success,” read a statement from the Povi team via its Kickstarter page.

“But nowadays, with technology and everyday life getting in the way, it’s harder than ever to have the conversations that help our kids learn emotional intelligence.”

The team charged with the self-appointed mission of making this an issue of the past is now asking the Kickstarter community to help it realise the project with a goal of $250,000.

The team has so far secured $21,585 in funding, with 30 days still remaining on the site.

Check out the Povi: The Connected Storytelling Buddy Kickstarter page here, or watch the campaign video below:

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