The three-part POP! Hogwarts Express is set to hit stores in June.

Underground Toys brings Funko’s Harry Potter POP! Rides to the UK

Underground Toys is launching a line of Harry Potter POP! Rides in the UK next month.

As Funko’s sole distributer in Europe, the firm is bringing the three-part POP! Hogwarts Express to fans of the iconic wizard from June.

The Hogwarts Express engine comes with a new POP! vinyl figure of Harry Potter with mended glasses, while two traincar carriages can be attached, each part accompanied by either Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger.

Each Hogwarts POP! Rides stands around 12cm tall and 15cm wide, making a 45cm long train if all three parts are collected.

Elsewhere, Harry Potter will be released in Mystery Mini form from July. Standing at just over 6 cm tall, these collectables will all be blind boxed and new characters in the line will include Hedwig, Dumbledore, Phoenix Bird, Voldemort, Nagini Malfoy, Dobby, Hagrid and Crookshanks the cat.

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