Rooster Teeth’s Million Dollars, But…card game nears $1m on Kickstarter

US online production company Rooster Teeth is on track to smash the $1million mark with its crowdfunded comedy card game, Million dollars, But…The Game.

Best known for its live action shorts and comedy games and snips, the team took to Kickstarter earlier this month with a new card game concept that promises to ‘put your morals, imagination and friendships to the test.’

Million Dollars, But…The Game poses the age old question: what would you do for a million dollars? However, in a test of players’ limitations, it presents numerous of ‘preposterous scenarios’ showcasing just how far fans would go ‘for a big hunk of cash.’

‘The best part of the game occurs when everyone debates the scenarios that have been presented to the judge. “Does it include online store sales or just in-person sales?” “How much poop are we talking: a rabbit pellet or an uncomfortable amount?”,’ read a description of the game via its Kickstarter page.

Created by Rooster Teeth founder Burnie Burns, the game presents players with numerous scenarios such as:

‘Million Dollars, But…Any time you hear a phone ring, the person to your right gives you a rectal exam.’

A selected judge will read each scenario to the group of players. The players must then ‘glorify or downplay’ the scenarios before the judge picks the scenario they ‘absolutely would not do for a million dollars.’

The game has already surged to success on the crowdfunding site, having secured almost ten times its original $10,000 goal, with $920,485 secured from 20,665 backers.

"This is a game for everyone. We designed it for millenials and their millennial lifestyle, as they milleniate through the millennium. It’s also for old people, because they have money,” said Burns.

Check out the Million Dollars, But…The Game campaign video below and click here to visit the project.

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