Games tops Kickstarter table as most funded sector among UK projects

Games have topped the chart as the most funded category on Kickstarter, taking a significant chunk of the £100 million pledged to the crowdfunding site’s UK projects.

The latest results from the popular crowdfunding destination indicate that the sector has taken over one quarter of the total secured in funded projects, reaching £26 million over the last three years.

British-born project, Dark Souls: The Board Game, created by Steamforged Games, has contributed a significant chunk to that total, having secured almost £4m in pledges, making it the most backed project in Kickstarter’s British history.

An adaptation of the hit Dark Souls videogame franchise, Dark Souls: The Board Game has achieved an average pledge of more than £120 over its month long run on the crowdfunding site.

While only 8,181 of the 20,651 individual British projects have reached fully funded status, money has been raised from more than 1.2 million individual backers who spend an average of £53.80 per pledge.

While games have taken a clear lead in both the most funded and largest number of pledges tables, The Guardian reports that other categories such as technology, design and film/video have also performed well, raising over £10million a piece.

Kickstarter’s British launch arrived in 2012 following years of a US centric site in which UK backers could only spend or receive US dollars.

Meanwhile, Kickstarter’s American arm has raised a total of $2bn, raising the second billion in less than two years after the first.

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