MadRat Games to carve out $100bn market with wearable video gaming

MadRat Games is looking to carve out an as yet untapped market for wearable gaming that could be worth upwards of $100bn.

Having unveiled its new SuperSuit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the firm is looking to encourage kids to move away from screens and get active by bringing a video gaming experience into the real world.

“SuperSuit takes kids and families outdoors and gets them interacting with one another, all while providing a virtual reality or augmented reality environment set in the real world,” Rajat Dhariwal, co-founder of MadRat Games, told ToyNews.

“With everyone focusing on designing games around VR and AR, SuperSuit goes one step further. Amidst the $180bn indoor gaming market (both toys and video games) and the $145bn outdoor sector, we are expecting to carve out an untapped $100bn and upwards market.”

On top of this, MadRat Games is also looking to bring a seamless integration of connected toys to the consumer, making the world of tech toys a lot more accessible to the average buyer.

“Connected toys will be the trend of the future and attempts by Sphero, Anki and others will multiply,” added Dhariwal.

“SuperSuit intends to be a connected platform for these upcoming connected toys and we are working on a standard for the communication protocol, which can give consumers the benefit of enjoying all this innovation together seamlessly, rather than having to download each toy’s platform and be able to only engage with one toy at a time.”

MadRat Games’ SuperSuit will launch exclusively through the team’s website by the end of 2016, and will carry an initial price tag of around £140 for two SuperSuits.

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