The card game sees players stacking, stretching and mixing up words to score points.

Ingenium Games’ WordStacker to hit Kickstarter this week

Ingenium Games is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its new game, WordStacker, this Wednesday.

WordStacker is a card game of stacking, stretching and mixing up words to score points.

"Word games are often frustrating for those who aren’t wordsmiths," said Anna Whitehead, co-founder Ingenium Games.

"Playing against a wordy brain-box can be disheartening for players, especially children, who want to win for themselves, not be helped along by mum or dad."

Matt Knott, co-founder, added: ‘My ten year old niece beats me all the time, then badgers me to play again and again and again. We’ve definitely levelled the playing field."

Ingenium Games already plans to launch a Junior version of Wordstacker in early 2017. The firm is looking for distribution for WordStacker this year, with the funds raised on Kickstarter helping to ensure the game is in stock for September 2016.

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