“Disney Infinity couldn’t innovate fast enough,” claims Fabulous Beasts founder

Alex Fleetwood, founder of Kickstarter hit Fabulous Beasts, believes the death of Disney Infinity was due to the toys-to-life title’s inability to innovate fast enough.

Likening Infinity to social gaming hit Farmville, Fleetwood told ToyNews’ sister publication Develop that while a huge hit, Disney Infinity was unable to "innovate fast enough on its core proposition."

"I would argue that Disney Infinity is the Farmville of today: a huge hit, but ultimately hamstrung by an inability to innovate fast enough on its core proposition," Fleetwood stated in an opinion piece for Develop.

"Neither Farmville nor Infinity managed to move beyond their core demographics, or to move from Facebook and consoles to mobile as the main device. Finally, both Infinity and Farmville suffered from a similar misapprehensions about the line of best fit between gameplay and business model, gating content from players who chose not to spend heavily."

As for the wider toys-to-life space, which Fleetwood’s own Fabulous Beasts is housed within, he feels that the ‘connected play’ arena remains bubbling with exciting independent talent.

"I think of toys-to-life as an on-ramp for a much bigger market called ‘connected play’," continued Fleetwood.

"Connected play includes smart, playful toys like Sphero and Anki Drive, physical/digital hybrids like Osmo, and digitally enhanced tabletop games like XCOM: The Board Game.

"Take a look at the games you find in an Apple Store – that’s a pretty good indication of the spread. There’s a ton of innovation and creativity coming through and its being driven by indies, small studios and start-ups. There’s a lot more incoming too: companies like Jumo, WETA and Playfusion are developing awesome-looking games that fuse physical and digital in novel ways.

"As we close in on shipping our first game Fabulous Beasts to retail this year, we at Sensible Object are right in the mix. We have had many conversations with studios, both large and small, who are excited about the game we’ve made and who tell us they are moving in a similar direction."

Alex Fleetwood will be talking at this year’s Inventors Workshop, sharing his experience of using crowdfunding to launch a product into the market. For more on this year’s event, or to buy tickets, click here.

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