Southend toy shop launches appeal to catch LEGO thief after a High Street chase

A Southend-based Toys N Tuck shop owner has turned local crime-fighter after giving chase to a shoplifter who stole £90 worth of Batman LEGO figures.

Alan Dadswell, the director of the seaside town toyshop confronted the thief outside of the store when the alarms rang as the man left.

Dadswell had asked the man to come back inside, but the LEGO thief quickly made a run for it.

“As he went out of the shop, the alarm beeped and I went out and I could actually see the items he had taken poking out of the top of his bag,” said Dadswell.

The items in question were three boxes of LEGO each priced at £30.

“I grabbed hold of him but he pulled away from me,” continued Dadswell. “I just went for it and started to run after him, I didn’t think twice.”

The shop has now issued CCTV footage of the suspect in a bid to catch the man who managed to get away when he was chased along the High Street and towards the Victoria shopping centre.

The man is described as about 5ft 9ins to 5ft 10ins tall, with long, light gingerish hair. He was aged in his 30s and wore a black and white top and shorts.

Essex police are currently investigating the theft that took place at around 10.20am on Monday, May 9th.

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