Zimpli Kids launches the Slime Bucket Challenge for Action for Children

Children’stoy manufacturer Zimpli Kids has launched a nationwide fund raising campaign featuring one of its best selling lines, Slime Baff.

Called The Slime Bucket Challenge, participants have been sent a packet of the firm’s slime powder which they can then mix with water before having the goo poured over their heads in the name of charity.

In a challenge that works in similar principle to 2014’s social media sensation Ice Bucket Challenge, the company has pledged to donate 100 per cent of the profits to the UK charity Action for Children.

Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants are encouraged to take photos and record their sliming to post to their own social media pages before nominating friends, family members or celebrities to do the same.

Eejay Enyi, head of international sales at Zimpli Kids, said: “After years of selling toys we decided to give something back and help out children that lead incredibly tough lives in the UK.

“Using one of our products was the obvious solution and it’s great fun too. It would be great to see large groups as well as individuals getting involved.

“The Slime Bucket Challenge is actually great fun for a great cause so we hope it will spread virally and be as big as the Ice Bucket Challenge. We want well known faces getting involved to help us raise as much money as possible for Action for Children.”

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