Humanity Hates Trump card game launches

As Donald Trump continues his unfathomable journey towards American presidency a new card game has emerged to make light of situation.

Inspired by the popular ‘badult’ gaming titles of today, Humanity Hates Trump has been billed as the ‘card game that will make parties great again,’ a play on the Republican candidate’s rhetoric of ‘restoring America to glory.’

Created by SCS Direct, the game is a satirical slant on the upcoming presidential election and ongoing campaign trail that has recently seen Trump become the Republican Candidate.

“The creators of Humanity Hates Trump were inspired to create the satirical game due to all the buzz and chaos surrounding the upcoming presidential election,” said SCS Direct.

“America is up in arms and stressed out over the election and it’s time for people to de-stress and have a good laugh.”

Humanity Hates Trump comes with a deck of 250 cards, 200 of which being white cards and the remainder being black cards. Each player is dealt seven white cards featuring a word or phrase.

Players must then complete a given phrase with a white card stating how they believe Trump would finish his sentence.

“Humanity Hates Trump is not about bashing Trump at all,” continued SCS. “In fact, it’s about having a good laugh and laughing with Trump.

“Cards include some of Trump’s iconic statement, his stances on various policies and quotes from his running mates. After tuning into political debates and watching Trump’s appearance along the campaign trail, the game hits home for many, allowing players to have a good laugh at some of the outlandish comments made leading up to the presidential election.”

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