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‘Unique new tabletop gaming system’ Wibbell++ hits Kickstarter

A campaign to bring a ‘revolutionary’ new tabletop gaming system to the country’s toy and game retailers is now live on Kickstarter.

Called Wibbell++, the system comprises of one deck of cards that can support a multitude of games that encourage spelling, storytelling and cooperation among players, all while inciting humour and competition.

The system, now looking for £2,600 in funding via the crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter, is the brainchild of Behrooz Shahriari, the creator of the hit indie title In A Bind.

Following the success of In A Bind on Kickstarter last year, Shahriari has spent recent months inventing, designing, testing and developing tens of new games for the single Wibbell++ deck.

The fruition of the labour has delivered a scope of games praised by many in the tabletop community, including the creator of hit strategy game Pandemic, Matt Leacock.

Playable games now include Wibbell that challenges players to use a letter frm every card, Grabbel, a frantic matching game, Faybell a story telling game, Phrasel in which players only have four initials in which to incite humour and Alphabeticell in which you must construct a run of cards.

“Games in the system cover a large variety of play-styles from storytelling and inventing amusing phrases to dexterity, even covering solitaire and cooperative word games,” said Shahriari.

“Other designers have also joined me, helping to make Wibbell++ a truly unique deck of cards. As long as there is demand, I will continue to develop, test and release rulesets so that you will never run out of new games to play.”

Wibbell++’s Kickstarter campaign launched on Tuesday, April 26th and has so far reached £663 in funding. The project has 25 days remaining.

Check out the Wibbell++ page here or watch the promo video below:

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