Backers will get their hands on Aremi for Christmas 2016, before wider distribution for the product kicks in next year.

Immplay to launch AR-infused magic cauldron early to Indiegogo backers

ImmPlay is launching its augmented reality magic cauldron, Aremi: The Magic of Gaia, early to Indiegogo backers.

Backers that order Aremi via the firm’s Indiegogo page will get their hands on the cauldron by Christmas 2016, well before its wider retail launch in 2017.

Aremi uses a free app to allow users to cast spells and create potions via tablets and smart phones. Kids can also conjure a dragon, take a selfie with it and send the image to family and friends.

“Aremi is the next phase in the explosive digital toys category as it takes traditional toy play patterns to the next level with innovative AR/VR tech and app features," said Marco Carvalho, co-founder and CEO of Immplay.

"We call it ‘life-to-toys’ because instead of taking the toy into a digital game like toys-to-life, we are taking the digital gaming experience to the toy, empowering physical play and getting kids outside the living room. We are disrupting entertainment, creating fully immersive experiences that take stories from the screen into life. With Aremi, magic feels real."

Check out Aremi in action below:

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