Bloggers, and their kids, engaged with activities that demonstrated how business, science, tech and design works together.

Paladone unites dad bloggers for Ultimate Dads Play Date event

Paladone has united the UK’s top dad bloggers for Ultimate Dads Play Date event.

The aim of the event was to combine a traditional Saturday day out with dad, with a unique hands-on view on how business, science, technology and design works together to make the gadgets and toys they play with.

The event included a trip to the historic Connaught Cinema in Worthing for their own version of ‘Saturday morning pictures,’ and a mass ‘unboxing’ and testing session of over 400 different products including the yet to be released Discovery Channel Virtual Reality Glasses.

The Play Date alo saw the bloggers’ kids challenged to invent ‘the next big thing’ using simple kids craft materials, and a presentation of their ideas was put to a panel of industry experts from firms including The Discovery Channel and IWOOT.

Some of the best ideas included an ‘Incredible Hulk’ fist shaped egg cup, a new concept for a board game that combined VR glasses and traditional trading cards and a whole Star Wars ‘man-scraping’ range with the slogan ‘The Face Awakens’.

"This has certainly been one of the craziest things we’ve ever worked on, but let’s face it, Paladone are pretty used to crazy ideas," said Alex Ryan, marketing manager of Paladone Products Ltd.

"Watching two of our core target demographics, dads, and kids, really tuck into our products and our business was so satisfying. It adds real purpose to our day-to-day activities and reinforces the knowledge that we’re making the right products for the wholesale gifts industry."

Check out footage of the day below:

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