Kickstarter project Pocket Racing will “revolutionise the toy industry”

A new Kickstarter project that combines toy car collecting with video gaming is on a mission to revolutionise the toy industry.

Called Pocket Racing, the system encourages players to place a real toy car on their iPad and then compete in a series of races and challenges that bring AR and tech together with physical toys.

While placed on the smart device, the car will encounter a number of obstacles in the game. The car will then react in the real world to what it comes across during the race, such as vibrate, light up and even ‘explode’.

Ptah Tech, the team behind the project now live on Kickstarter, believes that the combination of digital play with the real life experience has the potential to ‘revolutionise’ the toy industry.

“Pocket Racing was designed to bring the good old toy cars in the 21st century,” Ptah Tech CEO, Leo Ke, told ToyNews.

“With today’s technology advancements, toys are becoming smart and interactive, making this the right time to revolutionise the industry and pave a new future for traditional play.”

Ke and his team are now embarking on a month-long campaign to raise $50,000 in order to take Pocket Racing to the next stage of development, a target the team is confident of hitting.

“Kickstarter is a place to support original ideas and it is a community where people of the some ideals work together to achieve a common goal: innovate,” continued Le.

“I think we are going to be a new player in this industry and the game play itself offers a lot of scope for upgrades and advancements to keep players hooked on the game and toy experience.”

Check out the Pocket Racing Kickstarter project here or watch the video of Pocket Racing in action below:

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