Saturday Night Live writer brings Shit Happens game to Kickstarter

Andy Breckman, a comedy writer who worked on Saturday Night Live, created the TV show Monk and penned movies like Sgt Bilko and Rat Race, has launched a new party game on Kickstarter.

Shit Happens is a card game that sees players attempt to put a series of life events in the correct order of how traumatic they are.

The cards, which have been ranked by a panel of mental health experts, includes events such as puking in public, being attached by a swarm of bees and seeing your father naked.

Aware of the sensitive nature of the title, one of the backer rewards is a decoy box that that makes the game look like a friendly-friendly title called Sunny Side-Up.

Shit Happens is looking to raise $10,000 by May 19th. Check out the campaign here or watch the Kickstarter video below:

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