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Zimpli Kids celebrates half a billion views on YouTube

Gelli and Slime Baff creators Zimpli Kids is celebrating a new social media milestone having hit over half a billion views of its product portfolio on YouTube.

With viewing figures that have been described by the firm as ‘incredible’, the company is currently averaging four million views a day – or 45 per second – and still climbing.

Recent months have seen Zimpli Kids work closely with numerous YouTube reviewers to give honest opinions on the firm’s product range in online video format.

“As 90 per cent of the reviewers tend to be children the comments are very honest, giving the promotion more credibility than any other advertising medium and we haven’t had one bad review,” said Eejay Enyi, head of international sales at Zimpli Kids.

“After all, imagine being five years old and beig able to turn your boring bath water into a bath full of thick green slime or bright blue goo. Reaching half a billion is an incredible achievement and as it is still increasing, we will be approaching one billion views by the end of the years. “

YouTube is the most popular children’s website with 15.7 trillion visits last year and according to research firm Childwise, five to 15 year olds spend three hours a day using the internet compared to 2.1 hours watching TV on average.

“We believe our online marketing has been so successful due to the uniqueness of our products,” said Eejay. “Gelli Baff and Slime Baff are by nature very visual products and children love seeing the textures and water changing colour, so utilising YouTube makes excellent business sense.”

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