The instrumental album has been designed to heighten the game play experience.

Midnight Syndicate to create soundtrack for Zombies!!! board game

Gothic musical group Midnight Syndicate is launching a soundtrack album for Twilight Creations’ next Zombies!!! board game.

The instrumental album has been designed to heighten the game play experience and the theme will centre around the board game and its 15 expansion sets.

“I’m a big fan of Zombies!!!,” said Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas.

“With the game celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016, it seemed like the perfect time to undertake this project. We’re working closely with the Twilight team to create something that really enhances their players’ gaming experience."

Twilight Creations co-founder Kerry Breitenstein added: “For many of our players, Midnight Syndicate’s music has already been the unofficial soundtrack to their gaming sessions over the years. To have them working with us to create something specifically for our universe is incredible.”

The gothic group has previously released an official first role-playing soundtrack for Hasbro’s Dungeons & Dragons.

Midnight Syndicate’s Zombies!!! soundtrack is set to land in September to coincide with the release of the Zombies!!! Ultimate Collector Set and Zombies!!! Ultimate Upgrade Kit.

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