Sage's creation, Milo, was given a Highly Commended Award at the event's British Inventors Project

Inventors Workshop alumni Hannah Sage scoops award at Gadget Show Live

Inventors Workshop alumni Hannah Sage has scooped an award at The Gadget Show Live’s British Inventors Project.

Sage took home a Highly Commended Award for her creation, Milo – an electronic lion toy that help military families stay in touch.

The toy that allows the families to send and receive weekly video messages from home or from the deployed location and Milo garnered nationwide media coverage when Sage brought the idea to the Inventors Workshop last September.

"It was a real surprise to hear my name called out to collect the Highly Commended award," Sage told ToyNews.

"Milo received a lot of attention at the show, not only from members of the public but from the media and a few business developers, too. They were good to listen to and get some sort of idea on what to do next with Milo. A lot of people at the show asked if they could buy him. I won’t be ready for something like that for a couple of years, but it is really encouraging to see that even this early in the product’s journey, there is a demand.

"Toy design is an aspect that I find very interesting and Milo is something I would like to take further – Kickstarter is one option open to me now, especially now more people are aware of the product – but as for what the future holds, I’ll have to see how it all goes from here.”

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