Hasbro joins £10m project to develop ‘smart packaging’

Hasbro has joined the Centre for Process Innovation’s three year project to boost the adoption of packaging incorporating near-field communication-based technology.

PRW reports that the £10m project, titled Scope, looks to position the UK as a world leader in the production of smart products with printed sensors and a consortium of 14 partners, including Hasbro, are on board.

NFC technology sees an NFC chip embedded into an object such as product packaging and then activated by interaction with an NFC reader or a smartphone.

Printed NFC can be used for product differentiation on fast moving consumer goods, tracking or indicating the authenticity of a product.

“So far, the consortium has made excellent progress and has worked closely to produce a range of NFC product concepts that integrate logic circuits produced on flexible substrates," said CPI programme manager Mike Clausen.

“Going forward the next steps are to upscale the manufacturing process to ensure that these novel NFC applications are produced at the cost and speeds that industry demands."

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