Official The Goonies card game finds gold on Kickstarter

A card game based on the hit 80s movie The Goonies has truffle-shuffled its way past its $10k goal on Kickstarter.

An officially licensed game from Albino Dragon, The Goonies: Adventure Card Game has stormed past the goal to secure nearly $35,000 in funding via the crowdsourcing site.

Designed by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback, the game sees players take on the role of a ragtag group of kids from the Goon Docks neighbourhood as they join together on a quest to discover the treasure of the legendary pirate One-Eyed Willy.

With an emphasis on co-operative play, the game challenges players to work together to pool cards and take team actions in order to clear obstacles such as the eponymous Fratellis.

Players can take on the role of the movie’s heroes including Mickey, Mouth, Steph and Chunk.

The Goonies: Adventure Card Game has 13 days remaining on the crowdfunding site and can be viewed by clicking here.

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