Russian State Office for the Protection of Consumer Rights believes the game to be 'anti-Russian'.

Polish board game Kolejka banned in Russia

Polish board game Kolejka (Queue) has been banned in Russia as a result of it being ‘anti-Russian’.

The Russian version of the game launched last November, but the Russian State Office for the Protection of Consumer Rights has stated that the game contains a ‘critical description of the communist system’, Newsweek reports.

The aim of the game is to buy everything on your shopping list before other players do. It comes with a set of historical materials, recreating the difficulty of acquiring goods during the Cold War in a country like Poland.

The Office demanded changes to the content, related to the historical background of the game, or risk getting the product banned.

“Poland’s state Institute of National Remembrance did not agree to the implementation of these changes and that is why Kolejka is no longer in Russian shops,” read a statement by IPN.

Andrzej Zawistowski, director of education at IPN, added: “Russia’s claiming of Soviet history as its own leads some Russians to think that criticism of the Soviet Union as a totalitarian state is also a vilification of modern Russia."

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