Cyanide and Happiness title becomes second most funded card game on Kickstarter

Joking Hazard, a ‘badult’ card game based on the hit webcomic series Cyanide and Happiness has become the second most funded card game on Kickstarter.

On Friday, March 11th the crowdfunding campaign for the ‘offensive card game’ came to a close, having secured a whopping $3,246,589 in funding from 63,758 backers.

The game has now been named the second most funded card game project on the Kickstarter platform following the successful funding of Elan Lee and The Oatmeal’s Exploding Kittens that achieved $8.78 million back in February last year.

Joking Hazard is a party card game in which players are challenged to complete an ‘awful comic strip’ by laying a final panel. One player is named judge who will choose their favourite ending to the comic.

The game rocketed to success on the crowdfunding platform when it secured its original goal within 27 minutes of going live.

“I am seriously blown away with how far this game has come,” said Cyanide and Happiness creator Rob DenBleyker via the site.

“Around this time last year we were printing out Random Comic Generator panels and thinking ‘Whoa, this should really be a party game’, and now it actually will be.

“We started with a prototype and a pocket full of dreams and you guys turned it into the second-biggest card game in Kickstarter history (after that one about the cats that blow up.)”

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