Sphero celebrates International Women’s Day with Women in Tech showcase

Connected play specialist and team behind the hit BB-8 drone, Sphero is celebrating the role of women in tech throughout the month of March.

The initiative will see Sphero recognise leaders within the industry via an online and social series documenting these celebrated women’s experiences in the field.

The campaign launches today, March 8th 2016, culminating with the celebration of International Women’s Day, by featuring five women from across the country in its profile at www.sphero.com/women-in-tech.

The initiative has been launched by the firm in recognition that of all the jobs across the tech industry, only 30 per cent are held by women.

However, growth in the field has been called ‘staggering’, growing 238 per cent faster than men, ‘showcasing the wide road being paved for future women pursuing tech related careers.’

The five women of the tech industry being championed by Sphero include Ruthe Farmer, chief strategy and growth officer at National Centre of Women in Tech, Andrea Chaves of The Young Woman’s Leadership School of Astoria, Anita Castellan, licensing manager at LucasFilm, Nicole Glaros, chief product officer at TechStars and Claire Tindall, senior director of marketing and commnications at Sphero.

The first profile will be launched today, with one woman being featured each week.

‘Recognising the success of women in tech will in turn help other women and girls see their potential in the field,’ read a statement from Sphero.

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