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“Exploding Kittens will put us on the map”, says Morning Family

Kickstarter success story Exploding Kittens will be a game changer for the UK distributor Morning Family, as the firm claims that the title will ‘put them on the map’ when it launches later this year.

2015 saw the tabletop card game created by Elan Lee and the team behind the popular webcomic The Oatmeal storm to success on the crowdfunding site when it secured over $8m in funding.

Since then, the game has seen sell out success across the US and has been in high demand from retailers throughout the UK with a ‘huge number of pre-orders’ already in place.

Now, having secured UK distribution rights to the game, Morning Family, a relatively new face to the British toy scene, is confident that the launch of Exploding Kittens on home soil is its first step in what will be a ‘big year ahead.’

“The demand for the game has been huge with retailers, from kids’ toy shops to professional tabletop games stores,” said Timothée Dumain, CEO of Morning Family.

“We know from feedback from a wide range of retailers that customers are asking for Exploding Kittens, but the need couldn’t be met as the game hasn’t been available to these retailers, until now.”

As a concept, Kickstarter has historically been unable to curry favour with retailers, many of whom are of the belief that a successful game on the crowdfunding platform has already reached its full audience and would therefore present a risk in store.

Dumain cites Exploding Kittens as a demonstration of how the platform has been misinterpreted.

“Exploding Kittens achieved a record number of backers, with over 219,000 pledges,” continued Dumain. “But this in no way has hurt the consequent sales in the US.

“The game has been, and continues to fly off the shelves over there. If we can only manage a fraction of the game’s US success, we’ll be very satisfied.”

Morning Family is now excited for the new heights Exploding Kittens will take it to.

“For us, adding Exploding Kittens to our catalogue is a total game changer,” said Dumain. “We are relatively new to the UK market, and this game really puts us on the map, which is wonderful for us because we have lots of games to offer retailers.”

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