Pinhead emerges from the shadows courtesy of Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls range

The High Priest of Hell himself has returned to the toy space, and no, this isn’t another round up of Donald Trump dolls.

Pop culture action figure manufacturers, Mezco has unveiled a new Pinhead figure, almost 30 years after the leader of the Cenobites first emerged from the shadows in the hit cult movie, Hellraiser.

The new 10-inch doll joins Mezco’s popular Living Dead Dolls range and features all the stuff nightmares are made of, including his grid-scarred head and multitude of piercings as well as his sacred instruments; hooks, picks and blades.

‘It was nearly three decades ago that the Patron Saint of Piercing first glared at moviegoers from the shadows,’ read a statement from Mezco.

‘Today, his followers are legion and Mezco answers their cries with a Livng dead Doll sure to bring salve to their perpetual torment.

‘To open the doorway to the other realm, he carries a Lament Configuration. The puzzle box seems to beckon. Do you have the will to resist the temptation of its call?’

Pinhead will be ‘bringing hell to earth’ this August/September.

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