Family Gamer TV gets to grips with the new PJ Masks website

The new PJ Masks website is to offer children’s a host of free games, craft and colouring.

As previously reported, an integrated online strategy gas always been part of eOne’s plan for PJ Masks. Today that took a big step forward with a new website launched. This includes a host of different features from downloadable craft and colouring for children, to upcoming interactive games.

There is a real sense of quality to the offering. Click on each of the PJ Masks heroes and you can find out about their abilities, alter-egos and special vehicles. The characters, the HQ and the cars are all rendered in impressive 3D. Swooping from one to the other lets children explore the HQ environment and rotate the characters to get a closer look.

Although this is still in its early stages, with additional content promised for the villains of the show and a couple of video games, it will already provide a strong destination for those that already know about PJ Masks. Once it gets some online exposure this will also be a good place for families to meet the brand with clips of the show another part of the experience.

The site comes hot on the heels of the reveal of the PJ Mask toys at New York Toy Fair. The final piece of the puzzle is the anticipated smartphone and tablet app although details on that are scarce.

The toys offered a range of different options to cater for a variety of budgets and play styles:

PJ Masks Outfits and Masks
PJ Masks Figures
PJ Masks Headquarters Play-Set
PJ Masks Cars and Planes

Provided the site can keep pace with its high ambitions this looks like another strong piece of the PJ Masks arsenal for kids TV domination. My children are still after PJ Masks Lego sets — maybe unlikely but I wouldn’t rule them out either.

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