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Family Gamer TV gets to the meat and bones of Virtuali-Tee an AR wearable tech toy that teaches kids biology

A new wearable tech toy that teaches kids the biology of what’s going on inside their bodies is preparing to launch on Kickstarter.

Called the Virtuali-Tee, the tech infused t-shirt comes with a free app that detects the special pattern on the clothing to create an Augmented Reality biology lesson.

By holding a smartphone, tablet or VR goggles up to the t-shirt, the wearer’s body is replaced with an interior view of their organs.

Created by tech specialists Curiscope, the Virtuali Tee is packed with novelty and is reminiscent of the Horrible Science or Horrible Science books and play-sets’ ability to use gore and guts to engage children with the topic.

However, Curiscope has stated that it is not advertising the educational aspect of the project as much as its playful nature.

We’d like kids to perceive this as exciting in its own right, not necessarily as a learning tool. It’s something we’d like for them to use at home but obviously, as a learning application, we anticipate it being used in schools,” said Curiscope CEO Ed Barton.

Meanwhile, Curiscope technology itself has been championed by those in the tech space as an ‘adventure wonderland’ with the scope to change the way kids learn about the world.

“Curiscope is like a magic lens combined with a teleportation experience that helps kids unlock their full potential,” said Maria Rakušanová, product marketing lead, Gear VR and immersive experiences, Samsung.

“The way the team combined educational experiences in AR and VR and made them accessible on today’s mobile devices is amazing, and certainly has a transformational power to change the way kids learn about the world and understand it.”

Blake Knight, global marketing manager, Viewmaster, Mattel, added: “Teachers are hungry for innovative new ways to engage their students and immersive experiences like the Virtuali-Tee makes the curriculum come to life in a surprising and exciting way that will make it stick.

“Leveraging emerging technology such as VR and AR in the classroom is creating experiences that will open children’s eyes to possibilities, leading to a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.”

The Kickstarter project for the new Virtuali-Tee launches at 3.30pm today and can be found here.

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