Disney patents new tech that ‘brings toys to life’

The Walt Disney Company has lodged a patent for a new toy technology that allows real toys to interact with smart devices.

Not content with its hand in the toys-to-life sector with Disney Infinity, the new tech sees toys spring into movement via a magnetic field source when placed on a smart device.

Using magnets, a toy is placed on a touchscreen display and allows kids to use a magnetized guidance system to interact with that toy.

The new patent was first detailed by Patent Yogi, who created a video to explain how this new tech could work in the toy space:

‘The magnetic toy would include a magnetic source, which gets placed underneath a tablet,’ describes Tech Times.

‘The toy gets placed on top of the table: in the example shown, the toy is a model of Cars‘ Lightning McQueen on a display that shows a road. Then the display goes into video game mode.’

Toys can interact with varying conditions in the video game mode. In the example given by Patent Yogi, when Lightning drives across gravel, the magnetic field causes the toy to vibrate. It can also allow Lightning to jump over obstacles.

Use of the toy technology is still conjectural as outside of the patent, Disney is still to confirm any planned launches.

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