Galt Toys prepares for National Science Week with new Horrible Science kits

Galt Toys is getting itself ready for National Science Week next month with the launch of two new Horrible Science kits.

Called Savage Storms and Bonkers Bubbles, the two new titles join a burgeoning portfolio of Horrible Science kits, based on the best-selling book series by Nick Arnold.

Ahead of the start of National Science Week, kids can get to grips with the science behind bubbles, make their own bubble solution and construct 3D bubble shapes as well as discover a number of facts about bubbles, such as what kind of bubble can sink a ship.

Suitable for kids aged six and upwards, Bonkers Bubbles retails at £5.99.

The kit is joined by the Savage Storm set, that shows kids how to make their own thunder sounds, hold a tornado in their hand and how to grow their own snow and icicles.

The kit is aimed at kids aged eight and upwards and retails for £10.99.

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