Spartacus star Liam McIntyre’s Monster Lab smashes $10k on Kickstarter

A tabletop card game created by the Australian star of the TV series, Spartacus: Vengeance is on course to smash its funding goal on Kickstarter.

Monster Lab, created by actor Liam McIntyre secured its $10,000 goal within 24 hours of launching to the crowdfunding site this month and with 29 days still to go, will be successfully funded on Saturday, March 26th.

The game challenges players to build their own monsters by selecting a handful of cards and use them to attack their opponents in order to collect ‘valuable specimens’ and win the game.

McIntyre (also seen playing Weather Wizard in TV’s The Flash) teamed with illustrator Cris Olansamuelle to create the game that has players ‘channeling their inner Mad Scientist to create incredible, wild and crazy creatures out of Spare Parts.’

“It’s part Munchkin, part Exploding Kittens and part Epic Spell Wars, but with Madcap Monster Method all of its own,” said McIntyre via the project’s Kickstarter page.

Monster Lab is a game designed for two to six players with each game lasting around an hour.

“We think the combination of trying to build up your army of Monsters, while trying to avoid destruction from both Monster Hunters and your Rivals creates an exciting balance between attack and defense, while the huge range of special Lab Card abilities allows you to stay in the game and cause an upset no matter how far behind you think you are.

“This makes each game of Monster Lab tense and fun, and always different from the last. Add to that our personal favorite – the almost endless combinations of funny and fearsome Monsters you can make and we think you’ll find it’s a blast for adults and kids alike.”

The Monster Lab has so far raised $10,831 in funds. Check out the project here, or watch the Monster Lab Kickstarter video below:

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